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Blockade 2
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A 2nd blockade map. Takes place in Krasnodar, Russia in 1941. You are to clear a road block that secures two main roads to the west of the beach. You are sent first, ahead of the main force to secure the fields north of the beach, clearing any opposition so the forces can move inland. The Germans have set up a supply line that leads from the beach, clearing the roadblock should cause delays for further supply vehicles and can allow our tanks to move in. It is a large map in size but is a bit empty. Criticism is welcome.

by Lddtrains or Stoof (website)


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The map is okay, wide open space so its not too eventful, Starting off with dp28 was nice too, almost never get to use my favourite weapon from the get-go. Was there supposed to be a blockade2b ? It seemed like it tried to advance when i finished the first mission.
Posted by pvtcolin on Sun. Jul. 18, 2010

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