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BraX's Zombie Mod v0.4 (client side)
Downloaded 339 times

BraX's Zombie Mod v0.4 (client side mod)
Xfire : maciusiak
Email : maciusiakpl@o2.pl
Site : http://www.brax-site.pl
Server IP : (CoD2 v1.3)

=> Features === ---------------
Too much features, look in CFG section :D

=> Installing Mod === ---------------------
1.Make directory called 'bx_zom_04' inside your CoD2 game directory. Example: D:Program FilesActivisionCall of Duty 2bx_zom_04
2.Copy bx_zom_v0.4_BraX.iwd and bx_zom_v0.4_fix1_BraX.iwd into 'bx_zom_04'.

=> Uninstalling Mod === -----------------------
1.Remove your 'bx_zom_04' directory with all mod files.

=> Credits === --------------
Those guys helped me to make this mod perfect. Chesse Xfire: thecheeseman999 > Stats hud idea ;] > Purity script *====* M(-)X Xfire: mox123456 Www: www.leagueservers.com > Body parts idea > Admin things idea > More cool ideas (i cant remember all lol) > Sponsor of first zombie server. *====* pavlekocev25 Xfire: pavlekocev25 > Testing mod with me on his home server :D *====* !S.C.U.D! Xfire: scud911 > Virus class idea *====* sh`crew CMOk V Xfire: 1anal1 > Helping me with zombie skins. *====* AluCarD's LAST blood Mod > Blood!!! *====* ID Software Quake 3 -THE GAME- http://www.idsoftware.com/ > Gibs models > Kill spree sounds *====* NovemberDobby Xfire: novemberdobby / novemberdobby2 > Some of his ideas. *====* MattY Xfire: 1337matty > Defence turret script. *====*

=> Configuration ===
//Time until first zombie is picked //Min:1 Max:999 set scr_warmuptime 100 //Bashed zombie got knockedout //Min:0 Max:1 set scr_knockout 0 //Draw 3 best hunters and zombies when map end //Min:0 Max:1 set scr_bestplayers 1 //Draw first kill information and play sound //Min:0 Max:1 set scr_firstblood 1 //Play difrent sound for zombies and hunters when hunter is killed //Min:0 Max:1 set scr_killspeaker 1 //Falling hunters say "adios amigos" and zombie scream when falling down //Min:0 Max:1 set scr_fallpanic 1 //Draw hud with with player statistics //Min:0 Max:1 set scr_statshud 1 //Start mines ammount per hunter //Min:0 Max:999 set scr_mines 1 //A bit lighter map for zombies //Min:0 Max:1 set scr_zombie_lightmap 1 //Draw hud with mines ammout for hunters //Min:0 Max:1 set scr_hudmines 1 //Draw hud with health //Min:0 Max:1 set scr_hudhealth 1 //Next mine plant delay (when hunter kill zombie) //Min:1 Max:999 set scr_minedelay 9 //Overlay for zombies //Min:0 Max:1 set scr_zombieoverlay 0 //Play beep sound when hit enemy player //Min:0 Max:1 set scr_hitsound 0 //Mine plant speed (units per second) //Min:32 Max:1024 set scr_minespeed 128 //Place Tombstone when hunter die //Min:0 Max:1 set scr_tombstones 1 //Max tombstones limit //Min:5 Max:64 set scr_tombstone_limit 20 //Spectate permissions //0: disable 1: hunters only 2: zombies only 3: free spectating set scr_spectating 1 //Game will wont pick first zombie in last round as a first zombie in this round //Min:0 Max:1 (set to 0 if game cant pick zombie) set scr_lastzombie 1 //Kill spree thing :D (I LOVE IT :*) //Min:0 Max:1 set scr_spree 1 //Hunter players are able to get random weapon from box placed on map. //Min:0 Max:1 set scr_weap_box 1 //Time until hunters are able to use "random weapon" box. //Min:10 Max:240 set scr_weap_box_time 90 //Delay before next "random weapon" box. //Min:10 Max:240 set scr_weap_box_delay 50 //Play silent music as ambient. //Min:0 Max:1 set scr_ambientmusic 0 //Spawn medkits after killing a zombie, set to 0 if you want //to DISABLE , if set to 25 medkit will give 25 health points etc... //Min:0 Max:1000 (will be splited to players max health) set scr_medkit 25 //Enable or disable minefields. //Min:0 Max:1 set scr_minefields 1 //Enable or disable Message Centre. //Min:0 Max:1 set scr_messages_enable 1 //Delay between messages in Message Centre. //Min:1 Max:999 set scr_messages_delay 35 //Messages texts in Message Centre. //use " ; " to add another message, example: "msg1 ; msg2 ; msg3 ; msg4 ; msg5 ; msg 6" etc.. set scr_messages "1st message; 2th message ; 3rd message ; etc..." //ADMINS! Enter admins guids here, separate them by adding ";" //Admin will be automatically logged to rcon and put to full spectate. //Usage example: set scr_admins "000001;000002;000003;000004" //0 means there is no admin. set scr_admins "0" //"Last Man" (guy with super weapon) //1 - Last survivor get super weapon //2 - Hunter with highest score get super weapon //0 - Disable set scr_lastman 1 //Rank all players and save their lvl in server file (TESTING). //Min:0 Max:1 set scr_rank 1 //Replace Binoculars with Night Vision //Min:0 Max:1 set scr_nightvision 1 //Gives an a Artillery to a player, value = kills to get artillery //player gets artillery only once in round. If scr_rank is set to 1 //only player with required lvl can use artillery support. //Min:0 Max:100 set scr_artillery 15 //Enable Zombie Mod Logs //In log file: LM - Last Man, FZ - First Zombie, AA - Artillery Attack //Min:0 Max:1 set scr_logs 1 //Give some medkits to player // Value = number of medkits (0 = disabled) //Min:0 Max:10 set scr_medkits 2 //Last Man will be picked if there are more than X zombies //scr_lastman must be set to 1 and there must be only 1 alive hunter //Min:1 Max:63 set scr_lastman_zombs 5 //Blood on a screen while pwning! //Min:0 Max:1 set scr_bloodscreen 1 //Zombie idle voices //Min:0 Max:1 set scr_zombievoices 1 //Defence Bubble for hunters //Min:0 Max:1 set scr_defencebubble 1 //How many rounds per map? //Min:1 Max:5 set scr_rounds 2 ///////////////////////////// //Fog amount //Min:0 Max:0.99 set scr_fogamount 0.0024 //Fog red //Min:0 Max:1 set scr_fogred 0 //Fog green //Min:0 Max:1 set scr_foggreen 0 //Fog blue //Min:0 Max:1 set scr_fogblue 0.001 /////////////////////////////

NOTE: Mod is working with Windows and Linux servers. *End of File*

by BraX (email) (website)


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hy. I would like to ask that the scripts are not you? or where can I get them?
Posted by damon11 on Sun. Jul. 21, 2013
There was a download issue with this file that has since been resolved. I will reset the date on this file to push it to the front page again.

And updated again for Internet Explorer.
Posted by foyleman on Tue. Jan. 5, 2010

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