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Call of DutyŽ: WWII
CoD WW2 General
eXtreme+ v2.9
CoDBO Map + Mod Releases


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SP-to-MP Character Model Pack 2
Downloaded 530 times

Call of Duty 4: SP-to-MP Character Model Pack 2 Models included:

-Cobra Pilot Velinda(Desert)
-Cobra Pilot Velinda(Woodland)
-Cobra Pilot Zack(Desert)
-Cobra Pilot Zack(Woodland)

Also includes models from Model Pack 1(with fixed stowing tags) - So you will need to replace those with these updated models:
-Khaled Al-Asad
-Captain Price(Woodland)
-Russian Farmer
-Imran Zakhaev

These models were re-rigged in Maya by me, and are free for all modders to use. Just place files in the correct places in the raw directory. If you use any of these models, just give credit :) -INSANE

Thanks to: -Diego Logic Xmodel Exporter -Infinity Ward for the mod tools and including the character skeleton

by INSANE (email)


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price works well on my mp map, but the russian_farmer still looks unrigged and stuff like if i use the sp_model any tipps? maybe u uploaded the wrong farmer?

Fixed it use "body_complete_mp_russian_farmer" for zone, prechacemodel() and setmodel instead of "character_russian_farmer"
Posted by taifox on Tue. Dec. 8, 2015
Awesome, thanks Insane!!!
Posted by zeroy on Tue. Feb. 22, 2011
u have to have the cod4 mod tools installed in your game. and then in it u have to place the files in the right area imthemorhque
Posted by voidsource on Sun. Feb. 20, 2011
mebbe this is a dumb Q., but I can't find the raw folder for COD4... I am using windows 7 OS if that matters.
Posted by imthemorhgue on Sun. Feb. 20, 2011

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