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Call of Duty / United Offensive


gametypes: tdm and dm

map size: medium


This is one of my first maps I made, -- its meant to be for fun! :-) --, and it is really simple. The place of the map are dark sewers of Berlin in 1942.

This map is meant to be for 2-6 players, it would be good no more beacuse it will be boring >_<

I will be developing the second (v2.0) version that will have more gametypes like Search and Destroy, Headquarters, etc..

This map is also compatibile with CoDUO (I'M SRRY MAP IS A LILL BIT DARK BUT I'LL DO FINE ;-) )


You can give me your suggestions, commentaries or critics on EMAIL: south.wind123@gmail.com OR XFIRE: southy123

(!!tell me if bugs shows up!!)

Map made by: gA//MSgt.Southw1nd[A2] --- IVAN HORVAT :-)

August, 2009.

by IvanFilip (email)


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My first map ;)
Posted by ivan_cro on Sun. Aug. 9, 2009

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