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Operation Cinema DEMO
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After a hard landing in the city of Rousse the Spetznaz are scaterred all over the city, with the leader of seccond squad MIA seccond-in-command Sgt. Alemida must link up with his squadmates and move forward to the cinema on Alexandrovska Street to eliminate the villian Al Asad ( no the mystery of Asads survival is not revealed in this chapter ). As the Spetznaz move forward to the city they will encouter the best of Asads troops, will the few russian soldiers with the help of some unlikely allies manage to hold off until the enemy and eliminate their leader before they are overrun?

by ObiWanBUL (email)


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Just move towards the big statue, and make sure you take the road between the fountain and the drinking fountain
Posted by *Delta*Obi-Wan on Thu. Dec. 24, 2009
Hey, where is teh Caporal Voronin ?
Posted by cyberwarfare on Mon. Dec. 14, 2009

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