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Find Nikolai and capture Zakhayev!

This takes place in an alternate timeline. I used custom voiceovers. Source files included.

by Carlos Pineda (email)


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Forgot to mention that I released an updated version of the map:

No change in story or anything; just a bunch of graphical updates and polish.

Also, a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sN8HTxnt1KY
Posted by pinedsman on Sun. Jan. 10, 2010
How to run it on (an Intel based) Mac (v1.7)
1st, I need to say this is a great little map, I find it a bit short but it is fast paced and challenging. Very well balanced and lots of fun to play.

Running COD4 v1.7 on a Mac, I encountered a few glitches before getting it to run, kept crashing the app!!! even following the instructions did not work as there is a mistake in the read me regarding lauching the map in v1.7:
The intructions tell you to put .iwd file in the "main/sp" folder, BUT the command line to run the game with (+set fs_game "mods/sp") refers to a different folder.
This did not work for me at all, took me a few tries to realize this LOL!!! so I put the .iwd file in the "Mods/sp" folder... I guess I could have changed the folder name in the command line instead but hey, that worked out!

Since apparently it worked for Windows users, I guess that main / Mods folder referral affects only Mac Users... Strange...

Also, for Mac Users that don't know how to attach a command line when starting a game (there is no "run as" option under Mac OS) you CAN do so in Terminal by launching the app from a terminal session and adding the command line there.

I made up a "Mac Notes" section that I added to the read me for future reference, I'll paste it here, feel free to include it with your original read me file:

(Mac Notes by flyby[k]night)


parking_lot.ff goes in your [cod4]/zone/english folder
parking_lot.iwd in [cod4]/Mods/sp

Note: create the sp folder within the Mods folder if it is not there!


1-Open a Terminal window (The Terminal Application can be found in Applications/Utilities).

2-Right click (or control click) on the COD4 app and select "Show Package Contents" in the contextual menu.

3-Drag'n Drop the Call of Duty 4 executable from Contents/MacOS in the Terminal window.

4-Paste the following INCLUDING QUOTES ( " " ) in the terminal window after Call of Duty 4 ...
+set fs_game "mods/sp"
... then click enter or return, COD4 will launch

5-Run the map typing the following in the console:
map parking_lot


Oh, might as well add a few "Terminal Notes" just for those not too familiar with it:

The end of the terminal line should look like this, NOTE THE SINGLE SPACE after "4". Whatever is before "Call" will depend on the game folder location, the Machine name and the User name. Terminal will automatically enter the full path to the executable when it is dragged into an opened terminal window:
Call of Duty 4 +set fs_game "mods/sp"

Typical syntax should be the following if the game resides in the default Applications folder - REPLACE WHATEVER IS IN BRACKETS (and don't enter any brackets!!!) BY WHAT IS RELEVANT TO YOUR SETUP:

[MACHINE NAME]:~ [USER NAME]$ /Applications/Call of Duty 4/Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare.app/Contents/MacOS/Call of Duty 4 +set fs_game "mods/sp"

The symbol " " is terminal's way of displaying a "space" in a file or folder's name, as a space actually means the "end of item or command" in terminal, hence adding a before the space to indicate the name does not end there!!!
This is why it is preferable for most users to Drag'n Drop the executable within the the Application Program Package in the terminal window to ensure the path to the app is properly written
Dragging the full application will NOT work, you absolutely need to drag the executable from within the package as explained above.

Those terminal notes apply to any game that need to be launched with a command line attached to the executable on Mac, so any other games/maps/mods etc that you couldn't run before because of the command line, well you now know how to run them!!!

Final Note:
Tested on a MacBook Pro (2008) 15" Dual 2.4GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB WD Scorpio HD, 256MB GeForce 8600M GT Video Card, Mac OS 10.5.7 with all latest firmware updates applied.

Enjoy, I know I did !!!

Posted by flybyknight on Fri. Aug. 14, 2009
lol! I'm glad you liked the map. I was a little confused because your comment said you needed help and that your fixed it at the same time :P
Posted by pinedsman on Sat. Aug. 8, 2009
nice job
this was a good map loved the voice actinng and the action and the stuff u had to do good luck on your other maps in the future
Posted by scodicam on Sat. Aug. 8, 2009
help me
ok so i unzipped the iwd and i put the 3 folders in my main folder but it still doesnt work what do i do btw what does main/sp mean anyway? ok so i got it workg now and i do have patch 1.7 and i did put the ff in the zone folder and it worked so i guess i can play it now lol
Posted by scodicam on Sat. Aug. 8, 2009
Thanks! :D
Posted by pinedsman on Tue. Aug. 4, 2009
@ Carlos Pineda

Excellent map, from beginning to end. Well thought out. Nice plot, plenty of action, good voice over’s, Top notch stuff. Keep em' coming, I can’t wait to play another one of your maps. Great work bro!

Posted by Slikk on Mon. Aug. 3, 2009
Posted by pinedsman on Wed. Jul. 29, 2009
It works now! Yay. Sweet map, BTW.
Posted by Ediblemittens on Wed. Jul. 29, 2009
Ok, so i took the xmodel, sounds, and images folders out of the iwd and placed them as seperate directories in my main folder. I'm going to test it now.

P.S I didn't fix the problem with the beta.
Posted by Ediblemittens on Wed. Jul. 29, 2009
Did you preserve the directory structure in the .iwd? (did it create sounds,images,xmodels directories in your main directory? It should have.)

Didn't you have this problem with the beta version? How did you fix that?
Posted by pinedsman on Tue. Jul. 28, 2009
Nope, Still get that same missing iwi image error. Anymore help for me? This map looks really kick ass.
Posted by Ediblemittens on Tue. Jul. 28, 2009

extract, unzip, all the same :P
Posted by pinedsman on Tue. Jul. 28, 2009
Unzip? with winzip? Dont have that anymore, as my trial expired. I have 7-Zip and Winrar. You mean like extract?
Posted by Ediblemittens on Tue. Jul. 28, 2009
You're running v1.7 *unzip* the .iwd into your main folder instead!
Make sure to preserve the folders though.
Posted by pinedsman on Mon. Jul. 27, 2009
This error again:

Couldn't load image 'parking_lot'

I put the iwd in the main directory, and the main/sp directory, and the ff in zone/english, but still no dice.

Whats going on here?
Posted by Ediblemittens on Mon. Jul. 27, 2009
oh whoops
I fixed it, I just unziped the iwd into the main directory. Thanks again and great map.
Posted by Jidiot on Mon. Jul. 27, 2009
Oh.. no, no, put +set fs_game "mods/sp" in front of the [cod4sp].exe file when you run it.... it's a bit complicated, i know and i'm very sorry.

Another option is to unzip the entire parking_lot.iwd into your main directory (make sure to preserve all the directories) and then run as normal.

Hope that works!
Posted by pinedsman on Mon. Jul. 27, 2009
I put that in front of /map parking_lot then it gets 1/4 loaded and says it can't find the 3dbsp file or something.
Posted by Jidiot on Mon. Jul. 27, 2009
Are you running v1.7? If so, put the .iwd in [cod4]/main/sp instead.
Then run the game with +set fs_game "mods/sp" in the command line.

Let me know if it still doesn't work!
Posted by pinedsman on Sun. Jul. 26, 2009
wont work
I put the iwd in the main folder and the ff in the zone/english. it still doesnt work. help plz i really want to play it
Posted by Jidiot on Sun. Jul. 26, 2009

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