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Map Title :landing

Map Version : 1.1

Author :=EGN= Mooton

Xfire: darthmooton

Website : http://www.egn-clan.net

Server IP: (=EGN= Adult Entertainment)


Game : Call of Duty: World at War (PC)


Map Size : Large 16/32

Supported Gametypes: Map was designed for TDM but koth,dm,sab,sd,ctf and dom are supported.

Testing: Tested with x5 v1. (extreme mod)


Contents of this Package :

mod.arena Lists the mod in map selection

mp_landing.iwd Contains IWIs

mp_landing.ff Map Fast File

mp_landing_load.ff Loadscreen Fast File




First ever map! hopefully of many, large outdoor area with trenches, turrets, couple of buildings etc.

large tunnel system which can be accessed from the trenches or from the beach by destroying the bunkers.

I aim too improve with each map i release (this being the first)

Hope people enjoy!

Please feel free to contact me regarding bugs/suggestions.



all members at modsonline.com for there support and tuts :)

RGN for their very helpful wiki.

EGN-CLAN for testing/feedback etc

Special Credit to =EGN= ZoZo (the better half) for putting up with me and the time ive spent on this lol!!


by =EGN= Mooton () (website)


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