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zombieX v1.01
Downloaded 96 times
New quick chat options:

Lay mine (Hunters only)


Call for a medic (Hunters only, zombies just make groan sound)

Zombie explode (Zombies only)

Hunters start with 3 mines (default) which can be laid down on the ground.

When a zombie comes close enough, the mine will detonate killing all zombies within a certain radius.

Hunters start with 3 syrettes (default) which can be used to heal yourself or other team mates.

To heal youself, make sure you are not looking at any other players and hold down USE.

To heal other team mates, look at them and hold down USE.

If the first zombie hits a hunter (not body parts or explosion) then that hunter will become infected.

An infected hunter will slowly loose health, to cure an infection you must be healed twice (default)

by either yourself or other team mates.

If you are kill by the first zombie, then you will spawn as a zombie where you died.

Once 35% (default) of the total players are zombies, body parts will become available for the zombies to throw.

Body parts can bounce off walls and other players.

Zombies also have the ability to explode, this will cause damage to nearby hunters.

If vehicles are enabled, all zombie attacks can damage vehicles.

Explode = 60 damage

Bodypart = 20 damage

Hit = 25 damage

You can bind quick chat commands with

bind [key] openscriptmenu quickzomx [number]

by KiLL3R () (website)


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Its called giving some one a chance to redeam them selfs.
Posted by wraith36 on Sat. Sep. 12, 2009
Well it seems like a good start but I wonder why we are finding it here after the fiasco involved the the last mod he did.
Posted by munky101 on Sun. Sep. 6, 2009

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