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red_army-skin package
Downloaded 49 times

This is just a red_army-skin package for call of duty world at war.(multiplayer)

It turns all bodys in awesome looking camoflage killermachines !!!

Install notes:

Place the File (bwf_red_army.iwd) from this package into your modfolder, your mod from CoDwaw

for Vista users this path:

C:UsersYOUR_USER_ACCOUNT_NAMEAppDataLocalActivisionCoDWaWmodsyour mod(next to your mod_iwd).

and for XP users this:

C:Documents and SettingsYOUR_USER_ACCOUNT_NAMELocal SettingsApplication DataActivision

CoDWaWmodsyour mod(next to your mod_iwd).

Have fun with these cool skins !

Home: http://www.btclan.eu

Design: by =/BWF/=Chatmen

by =/BWF/=Chatmen () (website)


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Posted by Chatmen on Fri. Mar. 27, 2009

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