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CODWW: (506th) Carentan
Downloaded 256 times
We all have played the old days classic map of the cod series in all its versions,

well,I´ve done a brand new version that will change your perception of Carentan.

You will be able to use tactical combat by making your way trough buildings

or lead the war path driving your tank across the town.

Is a snipers friendly map due its balance between urban areas and its swamp side.

For the combat side, most of the time, you will find US marines attacking the town, while Germans try to hold them back (just like Band Of Brothers Series).

by One_Richard (email)


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Posted by one_richard on Tue. Mar. 17, 2009
Place the mp_506th folder in your usermaps folder (Application Data\Activision\CoDWaW\usermaps)

place the mp_506th.iwd in to your mp_usermaps folder (Application Data\Activision\CoDWaW\mods\mp_usermaps).

Or simply connect to a server that is running it and it will downlad automaticly.

Posted by one_richard on Tue. Mar. 17, 2009

Installation Instructions:

place the iwd in the mod folder under the mod your going to use:
I can't install this properly because i simply do not use a mod... i created all of the folders that you asked me to as well? could you please explain more clearly how to install this map?
Posted by silly_boy on Sat. Mar. 14, 2009
Updated at File front and Codutility
Posted by one_richard on Tue. Mar. 10, 2009
very nice map, there are a few glitches though, players can hide inside the water tower and can shoot out but cannot be killed from someone outside of the water tower, also, same thing for the statues near the gazebo, you can hide inside all four statues!
Posted by luvusoon on Fri. Mar. 6, 2009
Donno much about server settings, think you can find the answer to that, by asking some admin that have it running.

by my side, I still to work the update, there could be many reasons for this to happen and many reports that these issues are in specifics users or specifics server settings.

many ACE/AWE are running it without issues at all, so dont know how I can help you on that.
Posted by one_richard on Thu. Mar. 5, 2009
Thanks for the quick follow up Richard. The one confusing aspect to this issue is that I am running the ACE 5.1 mod, as others are who apparently are successfully running this map. I don't have a lot of bells and whistles turned on in the ACE 5.1 mod, if that is what you mean by your reference to a lot of custom content in the mod. Are there any suggestions you could make to help me get this running? Thanks!
Posted by Hockster on Thu. Mar. 5, 2009
The modded Iwd file, is for teams player model issues
(See readme file).

The ¨2048¨ error comes from the numbers of textures/models/assets in use and loaded when start the map (or Who knows).

The map itself contains many textures and models, if the mod you´re using is also loaded of custom content, it will not run.

Thats why it runs mostly with ACE and AWE, the number of stuff is balanced between the mods and the map.

Why that limitations?... who knows.

As I said before, I´ll try to optimize it in the updated version...coming soon :P
Posted by one_richard on Thu. Mar. 5, 2009
For some reason I'm still getting the 'Exceeded limit of 2048 material assets' error. I put in the modded IWD file, cleaned and uncleaned and it still didn't work. Should the Maps directory be removed from within the modded IWD file? How come some ACE mod's can run this map, while others can't? I'd love to get this map working on our server. Thanks!!
Posted by Hockster on Thu. Mar. 5, 2009
It depends on which MOD you are using and how many custom textures it has.

Also some times you need to clean out the mod folders, just in case the game loads assets from others IWD files you have in there and are not using.

In the next update, I will try to optimize it, but it doesnt insures that will solve the issue.
Posted by one_richard on Thu. Mar. 5, 2009
not work
tried with x5 mod .loading screen appears then load bar gets half way across then you get error of game locking up ..
too bad cos i reall wanted to play it ......
Posted by Bull on Thu. Mar. 5, 2009
Thanks mate.

All sorted, now working with Ace
24/7 Carentan War now running!!! :=)
Posted by lakespear on Wed. Mar. 4, 2009
The readme within the files, explains how to handle that issue. you may need to use the modded iwd file.

Check the readme :P

Its being tested on AWE and ACE.

Posted by one_richard on Wed. Mar. 4, 2009
Hi One_Richard ,
Lovely map, but doesnt work with Ace!
Can you fix this , it would be great.
Axis spawn in their weapons.

I would like to run this map 24/7 but it needs to be made
compatible with Ace for me.
Great map though & nice work.
Posted by lakespear on Tue. Mar. 3, 2009
Works fine for me on x5!

Nice map m8y :) definately going in our map rotation!!
Posted by Mooton on Tue. Mar. 3, 2009
I try map on extreme X5 mod and don't work.

On openwarfare mod work fine, and map its very goods.

Posted by jerkan on Tue. Mar. 3, 2009
Great Map
I played this map at 5 times in a row yesterday on my server. I love this map. Classic. Great Job
Posted by elmopio on Tue. Mar. 3, 2009

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