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New BF2 Mod
BF2 General
Mohaa maps on Cod2?
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This is a single player mod for cod 2, it changes many aspects of the game adds new content and

some things that have never been done in sp as far as I know anyway. Some of the weapons

are converted from mp I got it from a mod I built as well as some other stuff.

There are alot of changes in this mod this is not like the last cod 2 sp mod I made this has

alot of time and content I have made over the last few years added in such as: new skins for all

weapons except the pistols, they are not in use in this mod,american,british player skins,crusader,

panzer 2,halftrack,lvt,sherman skins,some misc. skins such as signs barrels etc..., compass skins load bar

ammo counter back, some icons in the game have been skinned as well. I have changed the load out to

how I see fit and added the carriable 30 cal,mg42,g43 scoped,shotgun,panzershreck,m3 greasegun which

where all converted from the mp mod I made, the smoke grenades are colored in orange and green

marker smoke that floats as if the wind was carring it like in duhoc, the smoke grenade models have

been changed to a potato,thermite nade,stickybomb. all sounds have been changed as well as the ppsh

and pps have 2 different fire sounds instead of the same, all weapons except snipers have static

crosshairs all scopes have larger field of view and sway is much less all snipers are 10 rounds and

semi auto,bolts are 10 round and semi auto,smgs very 32-71 rounds semi rifles (EXCEPT m1CARBINE)

have 20 rounds carbine have 50 and is full auto M2 carbine shotgun have 20 rounds and is slug only

taken from my sluggun mod for mp mg42,30cal,bren,bar,mp44 all have 99 round clips panzershreck has 30

there is many many aspects of the weapons changed which you will soon realize. All weapons have there

correct name and are color coded depending what they are smg mg etc... The british tank drive maps

have been modified you will be driving a TIGER tank instead of a crusader and you can shoot every

tank you can see, the tiger has no machine gun though I couldnt get to work as I wanted. The grenades (except)

german are impact explode and german nades have shorter

timer on them as well. There are

other little things I have done but cant remember...

by Greasersnoopy (email)


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sounds good
Posted by fivefourthree212 on Sat. Sep. 17, 2011

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