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FORCE316 | Valley Assault Beta Release
Downloaded 27 times
This is the official Beta release that fixes a few minor issues from the previous roughcopy that was released. This version also features pretty graphics for the victory and loading screens. I wanted to create a feeling of continuity between the gametypes so the following is a short briefing from the Allied perspective.


longname - mp_valleyassault_beta

mapname - FORCE316|Valley Ass B

Gametype compatibility

- DM | TDM | SD | DOM | BEL | BAS | HQ

Briefing from the Major

The target of this operation is Valley B9K459, codenamed Bluebird Valley. Bluebird Valley is a high priority target for the Allied invasion force. This valley is the nexus of the German supply chain and communications infrastructure for the wider area of operation. Four main roads intersect within the valley and the area is very well defended. Atop the highest hill there is a high powered radio transmitter that is linked to the Commander's Villa, a house commandeered by the ranking German officer. Lower in the valley is another house that most of the Junior Officers and NCO's are bunked. We need to take that radio transmitter intact. It is the only position in the area that is capable of reaching all of the low-lying areas in the surrounding regions where the next stage of the allied offensive is going to be rolling through.

British SAS commandos have recently been inserted on a reconnaissance mission in the valley. Reports indicate the valley is protected by a series of reinforced bunkers, guardhouses and a supply depot that services tanks. The supply depot sports a Flak 88 that covers the western approach our forces will most likely breech the area from.

Intel reports the German heavy tanks are currently in the maintenance bay for repairs thanks to a couple wooden shoes supplied by the Limeys. A specially selected unit of light infantry from the airborne regiment will be inserted from the north tasked to destroy the flak 88 and the heavy tanks. They will not be able to carry enough heavy armaments to destroy the tanks outright but if they disable the control panel in the maintenance bay the heavies will be immobilized and rendered combat ineffective.

Once those objectives are out of the way the main assault on the german bases will commence. Once the bases have been eliminated we expect pockets of resistance will persist in the area for some time. The valley is densely forested and there are many places to play cat and mouse. Be aware of sniper towers, fortified mini-bunkers and emplaced MGs. The locals say the Germans have buried radios all over the place so that if the valley falls they can continue to communicate from makeshift headquarters. Should the main link between the Villa and the high powered transmitter be cut the system switches to a backup mode and acts as a repeater for local signals. Jamming equipment will be availiable but its is not 100% effective. It is imparative the enemy be denied the ability to communicate and that we gain the capability.

We are the tip of the spear on this mission. Be wise and protect the initial deployment of armour because there are pitched battles being fought all along this prong of the allied operation. Tank reinforcements are going to be frugal at best. The good news is that the enemy is in the same boat.

Gentleman, the Germans will not let this one go easy. When this valley falls the chains of command and supply will be severed throughout the region thereby crippling the Axis defense. Welcome to the big show!

Major Warden

Known Issues

- One tank is double spawned

- Spawn locations need to be adjusted

- Map Graphic is incomplete... sort of... ;)

Recent fixes and additions

- SD gametype fixed (Attacker and Defender swapped)

- HQs added

- Victory graphics added

- Loading graphics added

Check out the reorganized Force316 websit

by GosHawK (website)


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