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CoD4 MP Mapping
Light grid issue
CoD4 MP Mapping


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Video: CoDWW Mapping 101 (12/05/2008)
Downloaded 1991 times

This video will take you through the installation and use of the Call
of Duty: World at War mapping tools. An indepth video of basics for single player. If you are having trouble getting your first
map to work or new to mapping altogether, this video will help. This video was produced as a WMV file.

Updated 12/05/2008

Now showing MP and SP map creation.

by foyleman


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Help in SP maps
Around a lessons is zombie card. I'm don't interested a "zombie" and various horror. I want make a cards (no zombies) with standart soldiers and idea and tasks on maps

But i don't see such lessons. Help me.
Posted by a_sgn on Sat. Aug. 6, 2016
Why i don't downlod this video lesson?
it starting downlod in 12-15% and show feild.
Please, upload again this video. its very important for me.
Is it download video HD? i say.. because if it video no HD than this lesson be no normal view
Posted by a_sgn on Sat. Aug. 6, 2016
Zombie tut
Please somone can add vid tutorial how to make nazi zombie map form start to end map i read a lot of stuff about it and my map still not working like zombies not showing cant buy weapon etc BIG PLEASE i realy need this my english is bad so those vid tut not helping me so much Thanks
Posted by mefs23 on Tue. Sep. 7, 2010
Net framework
You said you thought you needed Net 3.5 for the tool. In the read me file stands you need 2.0 or higher and the tool works for me whilst I have net. framework 2.0. So don't worry people who have Net 2.0
Posted by dutchman16 on Mon. Apr. 13, 2009
Great for beginners to make a MP map bu...
Tutorial on MP map is helpful to understand basically how the radiant works and the controls.

As with the SP portion of this tutorial, sound issue is still unresolved, although map itself is fine. Hope someone will fix that problem.
Posted by elmer_fudd on Thu. Mar. 19, 2009
.ff file error
Hi there!

First of all, Thanks for the great movie tutorial!
I got a little problem overhere..
I followed the Steps, but when I load the map in cod5 I got this error:


Something with the .ff file? anyway Thanks!

Posted by Dapp on Thu. Feb. 5, 2009
This .gsc works without errors

maps\mp\_load::main(); //This will work now

// If the team nationalites change in this file,
// you must update the team nationality in the level's csc file as well!
game["allies"] = "marines";
game["axis"] = "japanese";
game["attackers"] = "axis";
game["defenders"] = "allies";
game["allies_soldiertype"] = "pacific";
game["axis_soldiertype"] = "pacific";

// enable new spawning system
maps\mp\gametypes\_spawning::level_use_unified_spawning(true); // And this
Posted by Wally.* on Mon. Dec. 8, 2008
Still missing sounds in the tools which need to be updated by Treyarch. However, this 60 minute video contains the instructions for making single and multiplayer maps both.
This video will be available on our Vimeo channel too.
Posted by foyleman on Sat. Dec. 6, 2008
Needs to be updated
While this video will help you get started, I am finding some general issues with the whole single player aspect of mapping. Missing sounds is a particularly bad one that we all seem to be unable to solve.
When this issue is resolved (and any others that come up in the process of solving it), I will create a new video and replace this one here.
Posted by foyleman on Sun. Nov. 23, 2008

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