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Damaged .pk3's
CoD Mapping
heli to attack ai
CoD4 SP Mapping


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I started this map last year and worked on it until my PC died on me. For full information on the making of this map please read the associated post on iwnation.com. Its too long to replicate here.


This map is compatible with functional for DM | TDM | BAS | BEL | DOM (and SD sort of... defenders and attackers need to be flipfloped)

To check out my map just download the attachment, (its a zip file) take the pk3 file out of the zip and place it in your "Call of Duty/uo" and then start up UO.

Open the console by pressing tilda button (~) and type "map valleyassault_roughcopy".

If you have any comments or suggestions I would be happy to hear them.

- Goshawk

by Goshawk (website)


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A serverside CONFIX for the SD gametype
I have uploaded a little serverside mod that will fix the SD gametype. The fix flipflops the attackers and defenders to the way the map was intended to work.

HQs are also scipted into the config as well.

Download & Instructions are located in the following location

Posted by Goshawk on Fri. Nov. 28, 2008
Thanks! I created the terrain first using a height map and then worked it from there. I tried to imagine what the land would have been like before man got there and then I placed my structures in tacticaly good positions or in the case of the houses... places with a scenic view.

I would like to add CTF. Every gametype is a whole new ordeal though. I don't know where I would put the flags though. Perhaps in the two white rounded bunkers that are farthest east and west.

If I ever continue with this map I will do my best to add CTF. Just to say I got it all.
Posted by Goshawk on Thu. Nov. 13, 2008
Nice looking map, love the layout.
will you be adding CTF, it's what my clan play and your map looks well up for it.
good to see some roof action as well.
Posted by morgawr on Tue. Nov. 11, 2008
I think you are spot on in your analysis good sir.
I think you are spot on in your analysis good sir. I had feeling that it was something like that. I seem to remember deleting a tank once and there was another one existing in the same space. I guess there was another spot that happened. Thanks for the clinic :)

The jeep is weirder though. Twice when we were playing it flickered in and out of visibility when it was left parked on a sharply angled corner... spooky.
Posted by Goshawk on Tue. Nov. 11, 2008
on the german tank spawn in the tunnel the panzer1v at the rear on the left side facing the tanks is a double spawn on first running the map there are 2 tanks in same spawn point other than that it is really good
Posted by 355thSGTCLARK on Mon. Nov. 10, 2008

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