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Mohaa maps on Cod2?
CoD2 MP Mapping


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Homefront: Downtown
Downloaded 715 times
Recent terror threats have pressed American authorities to put Marines in the heart of downtown. Summer festivities and business conventions are underway

and some streets have been closed off for the activities.

On this hot summer evening, an innumerable group of terrorists, assembled from all

around the continent, have put to execution a never before seen large scale attack.

Taken by surprise, your mission is to eliminate all terrorists and rescue pinned

down colleagues and civilians throughout the downtown streets.

by Babycop (website)


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Excellent work!
Mission is very interesting. Modder did great job. Even now, after 6 years I had a great time with this mission! Excellent work!
Posted by Archerr on Sun. Nov. 9, 2014
It is one of the best cod4 maps that i've played, keep it up
Posted by Janek40 on Sun. Mar. 11, 2012
you should get a job with iw
Posted by mag96 on Sat. May. 23, 2009
That a great map! I like it! Scripting is fantastik! Good work!
Posted by peter1106peti on Sat. May. 16, 2009
Probably the best custom SP map out there.

You got alot of potential.

I even rate this higher then some of the maps made by the people who made the game.

Can't wait for more.
Posted by ATeamMember! on Sat. May. 9, 2009
All Single Player Maps
Awesome!!!!! Please Keep Up The GreatWork!!

Posted by netrage on Thu. Jan. 8, 2009
wow great map. the enemies were a pretty crap shot though lol.
hopefully there will be more to the series
Posted by uprize on Tue. Dec. 23, 2008
There aren't many SP maps because it can get very complicated and frustrating in the way of scripting...and besides, any good mapper dislikes using prefabs... we build everything from scratch....i guess unlike the Battlefield series.
Posted by Babycop2 on Tue. Nov. 11, 2008
amazing! very creative! great job. nice ending too.
Posted by mr.newbie on Mon. Nov. 10, 2008
Real nice work ! 5 stars rating, equal to Backlot.
I know it's a lot of work to create a map but why is it such a little number of SP maps for COD4 comparing to the Battlefield series ?
Posted by voun on Mon. Nov. 10, 2008
thanks for all your comments....as for the indoors building...it was meant to portray a building's basement...with utility elevator and janitor's room, etc... but yeah...it is kinda linear...hard to do otherwise in an SP map...had to cutdown on brushes, the map file was getting large....and even with portals it started lagging. =S
Posted by Babycop2 on Mon. Nov. 10, 2008
nice job babycop. impressive map! only critique I have is that theres no junk laying around. put a bottle on the street or something. Also, the part where you go in the building with vasquez, BLAND! theres hardly any alternate doorways. think of what a real apartment building is like. It's not just one tunnel with a few doors and en elevator, let alone a utility elevator. beatiful outdoors mapping though.
Posted by 94sniper on Sun. Nov. 9, 2008
thanks guys!
Posted by babycop on Sun. Nov. 9, 2008
GREAT MAP!!!!!!!
AWSOME work great map,very enjoyable.....:)
Posted by clayp on Sun. Nov. 9, 2008
absolutly wonderful map...
so hard to snipe the guy in the head
was a fun one too
Posted by Serythvalker on Fri. Nov. 7, 2008
Pretty awesome map, Great Job with the Music and voice work!!
Posted by starkk on Fri. Nov. 7, 2008

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