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Mohaa maps on Cod2?
CoD2 MP Mapping


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Dundy,s Stalingrad
Downloaded 30 times
My first map ever.

It,s not 1:1 copy of the cod/uo map,but most buildings are in there.

Left some things out,added some buildings and also a station.

There,s no chopper/air support in this map ,so if you wanna show

some real skill this is youre map.

tdm,sd,sab,dom and hq

If there,s real interest for this map i consider it beta.

If not noproblem,had fun making it, learnt alot...

i,am happy i finish it because i started so many and never

completed 1

Want to thank everbody at modsonline and codutility

for all there tut,s and help..


ps. i know the minimap is a bit off

also on http://files.filefront.com/mp+stalingradrar/;11679487;/fileinfo.html

by Dundy


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