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PlusIce's Rifles Only UO
Downloaded 25 times
This is the Uo version of my Rifles Only mod. The Lee Enfield has been added to the mix to make the mod better.

Readme for PlusIce's Rifles Only UO

Developer: PlusIce

Homepage: www.freewebs.com/icemodding

Title: PlusIce's Rifles Only UO

Version: Final

Requirements:Call Of Duty United Offensive

New features in UO version: Each team can spawn with a Lee Enfield. Custom Lee Enfield skin added.

Custom Background added. Mod name and version type added to main menu.

This is rifles only mod for Call Of Duty United Offensive multi-player.

This contains new weapon sounds, weapon reskins, and two new weapons.

Each team has the same 4 weapons Nagant , Kar98k ,Unscoped Springfield, and Lee Enfield

Will there be another version of this?

Probably not. I will be working on a cod2 rifles mod

To run the mod add it to the UO folder

c:/program files/call of duty/UO


c:/program files/call of duty game of the year/UO

Or add the pi_riflesuo folder to the Call Of Duty directory

c:/program files/call of duty/pi_riflesou

To enable just the rifles type this into your console or rcon:

/exec bolts

This turns only the rifles on.

Don't use the backslash in rcon it's not needed

Or use the supplied uodedciated.cfg (has all the settings set for you)



Nagant (KnifeInFace)

Kar98k (Hector)

Lee Enfield (Apocalypse)


Unscoped Springfield (Firefly)

Some of the weapon files and the cfg were based off of [SoB]RifleOnly Mod

Made by [SoB]Mr.l4ggY

Sounds from "A Whole Lotta Weapons Mod" (Elvis Trigger)

m24 sound (lan clan)

The Lee Enfield fire sound (FKR clan)

Background (Trevor The Vampire)


You may run this file on your server. You may edit this stuff from this file

and make your own mod. Just give credit were it is due.

You may add this file to your websites/mirrors.

by PlusIce (website)


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