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PlusIce's Blue TNT
Downloaded 9 times
This mod replaces the Satchel Charge with TNT.

==PlusIce's Blue TNT==

Developer: PlusIce

Homepage: www.freewebs.com/icemodding

Title: PlusIce's Blue TNT

Requirements: Call Of Duty UO


This mod replaces the muilt-player Satchel Charge with a Blue TNT.

I got the skin from the swat mod.

Sadly noone used this skin it was just laying around in the mod.

So I renamed it to replace the c4 skin.

This would go well with a modern weapons mod.

====How to run===

Add the file to uo folder. Delete the file if you wish to uninstall it.


TNT model (Messiah Complex)



You may run this file on your server. You may edit this stuff from this file

and make your own mod. Just give credit were it is due.

You may add this file to your websites/mirrors.

by PlusIce (website)


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