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New BF2 Mod
BF2 General
Mohaa maps on Cod2?
CoD2 MP Mapping


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mappername/s : M@YHEM^HarpAttack - M@yhem^Doomslayer
e mail of mapper: bert@velvetpineapple.com
name of file : mp_lost

//supported gametypes

// "dm" - free for all deathmatch
// "koth" - headquarters
// "sab" - sabotage
// "sd" - search & destroy
// "war" - team deathmatch
// "ctf" - capture the flag
// "ctfb" - capture the flag back
// "htf" - hold the flag

Clan : ProjectM@yhem

visit our web site at www.pmcod.com

Thanks I hope you have Fun with the Map. 04/17/08

by M@YHEM^HarpAttack (email) (website)


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