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SP Backlot
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Backlot is a single-player Call of Duty 4 map oriented around a revolutionary force soldier pitted in the middle of an on-coming American invasion. The player must hold the city while ensuring the American forces don't seize important information or land.

by Alex () (website)


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Map BACKLOT video/montage
Most interesting sp map for codmw that i've played,i just had to make a video about it here is the link at YOUTUBE

Posted by warlordharry on Mon. Jan. 3, 2011
LOTS of fun!!!
Kudos for that map Alex, I played it quite a few times and will again for sure!
Definitely the best SP Map I've played so far, hoping you'll make a bunch more!!!
Posted by flybyknight on Fri. Aug. 14, 2009
real nice maping!!
Posted by [ST]simon[RAP] on Wed. Aug. 5, 2009
pretty cool
I feel kinda wierd about killing the Americans, but that was awsome!
Posted by mr.newbie on Mon. Oct. 13, 2008
nice man
dude honestly out of all 6 extra cod 4 sp maps this has been the best u really should do more like crash, chinatown, creek or others,
mayby even mak 1
Posted by 30068 on Fri. Sep. 5, 2008
Beaultiful :)
dude this is beautiful, i would like to see the rest of the MP maps on SP and playing as a Middle East Soldier :),
can you do the black hawk down map? plz
Posted by DxFlame on Fri. Apr. 18, 2008

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