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Trench, even better!
Downloaded 105 times
I really can't describe it in words but it has improved hell of alot and you parachute into action!

by Stoof (lddtrains)


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It sounds like this map its pretty good for a custom map. I have a problem though...How do i start a single player map? Theres no console in single player like there is in multi player for starting up the map. Maybe its just my computer not opening the console, but its not working, plz send reply before i forget about this. Sorry if the answer is really simple :S
Posted by CODmapperVenom on Fri. Sep. 12, 2008
Thanks and ok Next time i will put it in singleplayer, I will change the names and fix others!
Posted by stoofphen on Sat. Apr. 5, 2008
It's an improvement from the last one, but it seems to have some interesting new bugs. Well when i did a quick run through, i got into the trench and found 5 guys, all have the same name and rank (Lt. Sterling) and they landed all over the place. There was random firing as well here and there with soldiers, but it was pretty cool having guys around. There was one objective, get the documents, once you pressed the use button at the radio, the map didn't end. So it's possible your still planning on expanding the map. But overall it had more stuff from the previous version. Good work. One last thing, if you plan on making a new version, could you put it in the single player maps section of the call of duty maps, right now this map is just in the call of duty maps section (this is mainly reserved for multiplayer maps)
Posted by pvtcolin on Sat. Apr. 5, 2008
This is even better and I will still improve the map by reading the excellent tutorials this site has to offer.
Posted by stoofphen on Thu. Apr. 3, 2008

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