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Call of Duty Frontlines FO...
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This is my version of Shipment.just thecontainers are all in differant positions, there added Trees
(some Climbable] There A crane, & construction Site, A rest picknic arear(wich will be removed on beta2)
A small hidden location real cool for snipering with A Small Hidden Ammo dump.
A much bigger ammo dump where you have to find and hunt for it,(if you find it post a image showing you found it)

by ManicKiller (email)


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There is no IWD file for this map.
This is a beta, and im willing to give it out to anyone that wants to add or change things to it, but credit must staill be partly mine.

IVe not done anymore COD4 maps for a few months as im working on another project. not game.

So if anyone wants to mess with this map just email me for the code. manickiller@hotmail.co.uk

Anyways who's tried this map, anyone Climbed the crain yet and found the ammo dumps. lol

Posted by manickiller on Mon. May. 19, 2008
where is the .iwd file pls?
Posted by jhonnyshakes on Thu. May. 15, 2008

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