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the hidden
Downloaded 113 times
Ok. this is my first map :D. Setting is a mountain ghost town. It is a small-medium sized night map with buildings, tunnels, and plenty of foliage. It is in its beta form... as in no minimap(cant seem to get it to work yet for me... will keep trying) no heli yet, and no load screen(im lazy-will put in final release). Ive tested it on my own dedicated server runs fine. has tdm dm and sd right now... will put in dom when i figure out how :D.

Ill be updating map when i get some feedback.

by Turkish


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the hidden
love this map please get the mini map and heli finished
Posted by BCTTARGET on Tue. Nov. 6, 2012
Please get it updated with minimap loadscreen and heli path as soon as possible! Love the map :)
Posted by FoReLL on Thu. Feb. 14, 2008
the hidden
thanks ill work on it been having trouble with it

Posted by ovekim on Thu. Feb. 7, 2008
the hidden
Very good map please make the minimap
Posted by warlordcod on Thu. Feb. 7, 2008

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