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CoDUO Mapping


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Video: CoD4 Started Cont.
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CptCool continues where foyleman left off with some additional information in using the CoD4 editor.

by CptCool


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sorry, im a very fast mover

and that thing i did was copy and paste, but that isnt really needed now because the update fixed that problem

sso - try changing your lighting settings, uncheck everything on there but 'Fast' that will save time and space, if not, id think ending processes in your task manager would give you more space
Posted by CptCool on Sat. Jun. 21, 2008
wish you would of slowed down a little with more specific instructions on what selections you were choosing

what and why's
like the part of crashing the editor, i cant even tell what you selected and how to place it without crashing it.

but thanks for taking the time to make a help tutorial vid, much apreciated
Posted by fodder00 on Wed. Jun. 4, 2008
when i try to compile the light refractions it just gives me the error that i have not enough disk space, but all the others work fine
Posted by sso on Mon. Jun. 2, 2008
thx alot man you did a real help, still new too it but over all i think i can start doing ok maps. again thx
Posted by youngblood=VX9= on Tue. Feb. 12, 2008
Totally agree with DBD Goose
Using the Wiki Tuts is a nightmare! I too started with them, but they basically leave out so much of the 'basic' click-here or click-there hints and tips that you find yourself missing out on key instructions and going nowhere fast! I'v just finished viewing Foyleman's Tut and will download all of these now based on that alone.

One thing I'm unsure of though, is do you begin your map from a huge environment pov and work inwards into the individual buildings and structure or start on single buildings and work outwards?

Noob question I know, but just dying to hear more on this already! Excellent Site!


Posted by Cedane on Mon. Feb. 11, 2008
Relection Probes
I put the reflection probe/probes in my map but the character and weapon still show up multicolored as in the prop isn't recognizing the player.

Is there another setting that needs to be ajusted or typed in the console when ingame?

I figured it out, need to check debug lights when baking.

Posted by Tremor3D on Mon. Feb. 4, 2008
cod4 tools
First time for me to try and make a map and have spent 5 days on the wiki tutorials and was still totaly lost. I was about to give up but then got pointed to your site and watch the video on map makeing and it all came together. Thanks for the video. It was a big help. Thanks again.
Posted by -DBD-Goose on Sat. Feb. 2, 2008
thx for the comments guys, dogz idk y they r not showing up and bogey just put clip around it, that'll do the trick
Posted by CptCool on Thu. Jan. 24, 2008
Well i still cant see a preview of the model in the model selection screen.....
Posted by funkeydogz on Thu. Jan. 24, 2008
graet :D
Posted by zynox on Tue. Jan. 22, 2008
Identity insert
Tanx I got it, is there a way to make the models 'solid' so you can't run through them?
Posted by Bogey_NL_ESAD on Mon. Jan. 21, 2008
N then in the first slot u type in model then the second u type in xmodel/(model name)
Posted by CptCool on Mon. Jan. 21, 2008
insert models
What Key do you use to insert the models after you copy/paste them in the identity tool??
Posted by Bogey_NL_ESAD on Mon. Jan. 21, 2008
i kept crashin with the models, thanks for that input to copy&paste

Posted by Ethnik_Man on Sun. Jan. 20, 2008

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