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Cod4 Bots
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by Yamakazu


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Help !
i can't use bots... when i created the file mods " Bots " and puted the 3 archive, when i creat a serv, the game say " mismatch/sum name
Posted by psycho17 on Sat. Mar. 27, 2010
You need to be a little more explicit. How do you spawn the bots? the CFG file does no help.
Posted by AutomatedPOM on Tue. Apr. 22, 2008
Thank you!
An invaluable tool for testing the spawn points, airstrikes, and heli for your map. Thanks!

(As mentioned, follow instructions in .cfg file. Make a folder under mods called "bots," place everything in there, and if you want to use your map with it place your map's iwd file in this "bots" folder and load the map in game as you would normally. Add bots in game with console; but my testing shows bots will only spawn when you start a map fresh, not using map_restart.)
Posted by illram on Mon. Mar. 17, 2008
Interesting that nobody will not help to people.
In file Mods you create the file, for instance, bots.
In she extracts three files:
You Create the label for iw3mp, where in field object add:
+set fs_game mods/bots +exec svr_bots.cfg
Shift to the right in svr_bots.cfg line

set svr_bots 0 // Default = 0

You Start the play with it.
Posted by KOMAP on Thu. Feb. 14, 2008
If you open the svr_bots file with notepad and scroll down to the bottom. If gives intruction as to what you need to do.
Posted by n-ron on Tue. Jan. 29, 2008
Please help us noobs out. Where would I put the 3 files?
Posted by Drocket77 on Thu. Jan. 24, 2008
where do we put these files
Posted by 504_Stryker on Sun. Jan. 20, 2008
server bots
where do you install and how do you implement the bots?
Posted by robspawn on Mon. Jan. 14, 2008

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