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Mohaa maps on Cod2?
CoD2 MP Mapping


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RconMax(MW) is a FREE Rcon tool for COD4 with an impressive list of features
including (but not limited to):
Maintain a list of your servers.
View and amend general server information / settings.
View and amend addition server settings.
Set server password / max ping / private clients / restart server etc...
Turn on and off old school / hard core / kill can / voting / team balance.
Set friendly fire and spectate type.
Create and apply custom map rotations.
Load / restart / fast restart and next map.
Set game mode and game type time / point limits etc...
Turn on / off individual weapons.
Players list with auto update.
Save player list to file.
Kick / temp ban / ban players.
Send messages to players.
Eight user definable player messages.
Auto server messaging.
Luck Dip random auto map rotaion generator.

RconMax(MW) will check to make sure that you are using the latest available version. If not then it will advise you accordingly.

RconMax(MW) has been tested on Windows XP Home & Pro, XP x64 Pro, Vista 32 and Vista 64.

To download the latest version of RconMax(MW) CLICK HERE
For a full list of features CLICK HERE
For screen shots of RconMax(MW) CLICK HERE
For news and update information about RconMax(MW) CLICK HERE

Brought to you by Nikita of [url=http://[url=www.MyNikita.co.uk]www.MyNikita.co.uk][url=www.MyNikita.co.uk]www.MyNikita.co.uk

by Nikita (email) (website)


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RconMax(MW) Version 1.0.5
More great functionality added to RconMax(MW).

This new version builds on the great Live Chat Monitoring function with the addition of In Game Remote Admin.

Players who have been designated as "Approved Players" have access to commands like Next Map, Call Map, Change Game Type, Kick, Temp Ban and Ban just by typing a chat message. No need for them to go into the console or know your rcon password. You can enable and disable an approved players access, and enable or disable the commands that are available to approved players.


For more information on Remote Admin commands

For a full list of changes in version 1.0.5 visit RconMax.co.uk

To download the latest version of RconMax(MW) www.rconmax.co.uk/rm/download.php?list.2

For screen shots of RconMax(MW)

For technical support and help please post in the "Technical Support / Help" Forum at RconMax.co.uk
Got some feature requests, please post in "Feature requests / Wishlist" forum at visit RconMax.co.uk
Posted by mynikita on Mon. Dec. 31, 2007

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