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mp_chateau_zero for COD2
Downloaded 55 times
mp_chateau_zero Version 1.2

This is |ZERO| clan's recreation of the COD1 map "mp_chateau" re-imagined and engineered for COD2 using COD2 Radiant, COD 2 Asset Manager, COD 2 Compile Tools, COD 1 native files, and Paint Shop Pro. Version 1.2 is TDM and DM only, other game types to follow in our next release. The Guest House is now also a playable part of the map.

by |ZERO|Sgt.Bilkothe3rd and |ZERO|Bloody () (website)


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Well, I hope you all enjoy it. We are now almost done with this map for COD4 also. (As of 4/08)
Posted by sgtbilkothe3rd on Fri. Apr. 18, 2008

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