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loa The Hunt Unchoked
Downloaded 104 times
The Hunt Unchoked, this is a remake of the mohaa hunt map.
1, long road to church is opened
2, allternative routes to take to the objectives
3, church tower now has stairs in it leading to cross beams in church ceiling
4, many small tweaks and added items

over all map is the same in apperance with many small adjustments for a new flow of game play. if you are a fan of this map try it.

dm tdm ctf sd are supported

by loa aka life () (website)


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thanks for the eye if you spot any thing else drop a tab and i will fix the stuff up and update.
Posted by life on Sun. Oct. 21, 2007
Nice job :)

I noticed a blackened terrain patch next to the road that needs to be set to"natural" in "lightmap" mode. That will fix
the darkened patch.
Posted by Morphisnb on Sat. Oct. 20, 2007

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