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Hold or Die v2
Downloaded 1118 times

August 1944, your squad has been ordered to guard a peaceful field HQ
in normandy. Peaceful? Not for long. Your mission is to defend
ModsOnline.com HQ at all costs, to hold or die!


by TheModDoctor (email)


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Much better than the original version :)
Posted by RusiaCanal on Fri. May. 15, 2009
Version 2
The new version 2 includes the following:
*Now playable in DirectX 9 rendering mode
*Added a bit more detail to the whole level
*New weapon loadout
*Music bug fixed
Posted by TheModDoctor on Thu. May. 7, 2009
Open console, and type "map hold-or-die"
Posted by TheModDoctor on Sat. Nov. 1, 2008
how to start the game???
Posted by sergeantnel on Wed. Sep. 17, 2008
sp map
Rly good map man!!!
Posted by PwN3R on Tue. Aug. 26, 2008
lol, I ran out of panzerfaust ammo really fast.
Posted by 94sniper on Tue. Nov. 20, 2007
Yes I know that the map is a bit short, but my time was a bit limited to make it really big, but I enjoyed making it a lot! Sorry again for the inconvenience for having to extract before being able to play, I think it had something to do with game not being able to write to .d3dbsp while its in a iwd.
Posted by TheModDoctor on Mon. Oct. 8, 2007
just extract everything for the .iwd to your main so you have more maps there then do in cod 2 console again /map hold-or-die the map works fine then ;)
Posted by QLRELITE on Mon. Oct. 8, 2007
how can ı play
ı cant play map, script complex error message coming on the loading screen. I ' am using merciless matador.
Posted by viper on Mon. Oct. 8, 2007
Yay I played it! ;D
I played it, it was pretty good only it was so fast done... and when we had to retake the town my squad / soldiers / allies killed them all so i had nothing to do :P
Posted by QLRELITE on Sun. Oct. 7, 2007
Get it to work
you type /map hold-or-die
I had a huge amount of trouble to get it to work, dont know why. Try extracting everything inside the iwd to your /main folder
Posted by TheModDoctor on Sun. Oct. 7, 2007
/map hold-or-die ( thats the command ) But it doesn't work for me it can't read the .d3dbsp or .iwd file <,<
Posted by QLRELITE on Sat. Oct. 6, 2007
how can one begin this map?

/map ?
Posted by LidoKain on Sat. Oct. 6, 2007
The map doesn't work...
The map doesn't work...
Posted by QLRELITE on Sat. Oct. 6, 2007
lot of action,keeps your atention
I thought it was a wonderful map ,shows alot of createtivity, and balance on all aspects of content ,everything used for its size,thanks to the themoddoctor.
Posted by dwolf55 on Sat. Oct. 6, 2007

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