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SoFII Mapping
coduo mapping tools
CoDUO Mapping
Q4 General
eXtreme+ v2.9
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*RuDe* MoshPit
Downloaded 65 times
A Small but exciting Map
Meant for 4-8 Players
Good For LAN Games
Also Got Music Playing

Got Secret Places and works with low grav xD

Have Fun


by *RuDe* SpuD ' (email) (website)


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Sorry but i forgot to put this in the readme and Info, But this is best used as a bash only practise map, This is what i made it for and after playing a LAN Game on it with rifles i found it waa only gd for killing sprees because of the spawn points.

So... I am curently revamping it from scratch and making it bigger

Anyway Give it a try and have fun with it :D

Also i dont mind if you change the music as i only did it as looping sample to test wth

Posted by _SpuD_ on Sat. Sep. 29, 2007

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