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FORCE316 | ACTION HQ MOD + Kharkov HQ Extra v1.1
Downloaded 53 times
FORCE316 | Fast Headquarters Mod

After receiving an undisclosable number of complaints about the respawn times on the now defunct {[SACK]}(Special Ops) server I decided to do something about it. I love HQ but others just can't seem to hack it. No patience.

This mod that will reduce player's respawn times down to 10 seconds while keeping the time-elapsed to maximum time radio's can be held ratios intact.

In addition to this the shorter respawn times the beeping reinforcement alert has been made null along with the points awarded messages. With a shorter reinforcement time it make for too much audio/visual clutter.

If you want to make any adjustments to this MOD please tell me about them. I always like to check out HQ related stuff.

This mod should work on all HQ compatible maps and with any mods that do not commandeer your hq.gsc.

FORCE316 | Kharkov Headquarters Extra

17 new radios added for HQ making for a grand total of 23 HQ radio positions!!!!!!

by GosHawK (website)


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I will take your advice
Hey thanks,

Unfortunately the number of steady HQ player’s doesn’t fall into the category of masses but that would be a nice fringe benefit.

As I’m new to modding I’m getting the greatest satisfaction from the process of working my way through the logic of the game and finding interesting possibilities and correcting things that have annoyed me along the way. I have only started modding this week except for my Battlebinds project. I have never taken much of a look though pk3’s before. I have only been playing COD for a little more than a year.

I like your idea about the multiple versions of ACTION HQ MOD.

This afternoon I have been scheming on a neat idea for a new HQ MOD. I am going to incorporate your thoughts into that release. The reason that I set such a short respawn time is that I like to play HQ on big maps. Its not fun sitting for 45 seconds and then running across a larger map. People don’t mind so much in base assault because they respawn right away and that is where I was at in my thinking. I like that style of play.

I will take your advice though. That would be good if you play mostly smaller maps.

Thanks for the feedback! Its good news.


Battlebinds - freewebs.com/cod-force316
Posted by Goshawk on Thu. Sep. 6, 2007
Nice work with the mod. I'd encourage you to issue multiple versions of the mod with differing respawn times, just so it appeals to more people. Our HQ mod sets the respawn to 30 seconds, as we decided that a shorter period sucked (according to our tastes). But everyone -- and every group -- is different.

If you provide the masses with options, they will love you. And that's what modding is all about, right?

Posted by ITOE_MC on Wed. Sep. 5, 2007

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