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Sword Beach D-Day 6th of June
Downloaded 151 times
For Call of Duty United Offensive

Map Design and Development by [ODND] GomerPyle
Screens by PCGOBlainorama
Testing by the PCGO Clan


Map details:
BAS 40 players
DM 40 players
TDM 40 players
This map was designed for Base Assault.


7 Panzer
2 Horch

8 Sherman
3 Willys


1 Usable Flak88
5 MG42
2 Artillery Binoculars x 5


Much thanks to Grassy for his scripting and his patience in helping me with this map.
Without his help this map would still be on the drawing board and I'd be completely bald.
The mine idea is based on 103kill's maneuverable minefield tutorial. I took the idea a bit
further by adding a crater and terrain mesh to cover the crater until after the mine explodes.
Thanks to Bloodlust for his help with spawn removal during the game.
Thanks to Sir-Cowchip for his sound tutorial.
Thanks again to ModsOnline for their great forum and quick answers to my many questions.
Thanks to the PCGOToasterFest clan for their testing and suggestions.


This map is for our friends across the pond. It is based on the British landing during D-Day
on Sword Beach. One unique thing about this map is that there is one British Spawn behind
enemy lines by the wrecked glider. It is the duty of this player to take out the small bridge,
marked as objective on the map, so the Germans will not be able to reinforce with the 3 tanks
that spawn there. The Germans have a huge advantage in weapons with the 88, MG42's and Artillery
Binoculars all in their area of the map so it is important that the bridge be taken out.

Hope you all enjoy this map and thanks for checking it out.

Send comments to GomerPyle@cfl.rr.com or visit http://www.odndmaps.com/ and leave
any comments there.

by GomerPyle (email) (website)


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Great job man!
You made a great map!
Posted by ivan_cro on Fri. Aug. 15, 2008
map comments
Hello all. I'd appreciate comments regarding this map as I feel that the only way my mapping will improve is by having one's peers offer any and all advise, good bad or whatever.

Posted by GomerPyle on Sun. Aug. 26, 2007
Nice map
I like wide-open maps like this for base assault. The terrain textures are really nice, and you obviously put a lot of thought into how the whole gameplay side of things would balance out.

So, 5 out of 5. My hat's off to you.
Posted by ITOE_MC on Thu. Aug. 16, 2007

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