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Armors House
Downloaded 1236 times
Investigate paranormal reports in a haunted mansion, try to survive. MAP NOT INTENDED FOR THOSE WITH HEART OR VISUAL CONDITIONS!

by ArmorMaster (email)


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it's simple
after putting the .iwd file in Main folder, run the CoD 2 SP, open console and type /map armors_house
then press Enter and enjoy the gameplay
Posted by explo32 on Tue. Jul. 27, 2010
How to play this ? after i add all files in my cod2 main folder what next? is this for 1.3 ver, ?
Posted by cod2fun on Sat. May. 8, 2010
no targets?
are there actually any targets to fight in this map
Posted by Scharlemanje on Mon. Jan. 18, 2010
Scared the crap out of me. Nice map. (is it possible to get past the flaming you know what?) (dont want to spoil)
Posted by Chuckl3s on Wed. Jun. 17, 2009
please if you know what to do explain it simply if you can
Posted by dfros on Mon. Oct. 27, 2008
how to start the game???
Posted by sergeantnel on Wed. Sep. 17, 2008
im scared
this map was really creepy. i was playing it at night and when the the part where the skull came out i quit the game. anyways nice map, its fun to scary maps. Also i agree wit the guy that said send some screenshots to me. So can someone send some screenies to me i wanna see how it is but i dont wanna play the game.
Posted by phantomgunner on Sun. Jul. 13, 2008
Played the map first time at midnight. Cool scary map. A bit too scary 4 me. GREAT job!!!!!!!!!
Posted by 3st0nian on Sat. Jan. 26, 2008
I was fakking scared, even the second time. But how do i get pass by that girl/man/orwhatelsethingonfire???

Very cool. But if you don't like horror it is a living NIGHTMARE :P

Posted by hansmeuleman on Mon. Dec. 24, 2007
I see you mixed parts of things I get nervous over...OK fine I was A little scared when I saw the little girl on fire..I cant get past her.
Posted by JMB143 on Thu. Nov. 22, 2007
Holy Crap! I thought it couldn't possibly be that bad..... Yeah right.... Faint hearted people, stay away..... This map is a thriller.
Posted by TheModDoctor on Sun. Oct. 21, 2007
ok man thart map was AMAZING it was freaky man wow, fun tho. I cant get passed that girl on fire :(. is that the end of the map?
Man you HAVE to make a multiplay map, that the round only start at the same time. Dude i luv that map def make a multiplayer, cuz me and my friends would def play it
Posted by articfox2 on Sun. Sep. 2, 2007
I'm a wussy, so...
I'm a major wuss when it comes to this kind of stuff, so please describe the horrors to me or send me some screenies (the sound files alone creeped me out majorly, so know you know how much of a wimp I am at scary things. In my defense, though, I saw "The Exorcist" when i was three, so lay off).
Posted by a_miranda on Fri. Aug. 24, 2007
From the mapmaker...
Play it to find out lol. Don't want anyone to ruin the map's surprises.
Posted by ArmorMaster on Wed. Aug. 15, 2007
whats in it
now im a bit of a pansy when it comes to horror so whats in it that makes it scary.
Posted by foreshot on Tue. Aug. 14, 2007
very nice
This map is awesome, really creepy
Posted by soulwax on Thu. Aug. 9, 2007

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