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Vehcile Mod
Downloaded 337 times
he main part of this modification is the addition of vehicles to Call of Duty 2. It adds Jeeps, Tanks, Planes and also Antiaircraft guns. The jeeps are 2 man, 1 driver and 1 Gunner, The gunner can look/shoot in any direction and can also use his grenades. The tanks are 1 man who drives and also controls the turret main gun and a hull machine gun, the hull machine gun can only shoot forward. The Planes are all 1 man, and are selected from the weapons menu and spawn in the air. Very simple controls for flying and the ablity to eject and parachute if shot down. The AA guns have 3 different firing modes to help when trying to destroy different objectives (planes, tanks or troops). The planes spawn at a 2 points, 1 axis, 1 allly, the mod sets these points to 35000 uints away from the flag and, if the map is not big enough, then the planes just spwan on the edge of the skybox. The AA guns spawn using players as a reference and picks a random location near that spawn. The jeeps and tanks spawn the same way.

by |R&S|Clan () (website)


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Fix it.
Fix the mod files cause it might have something wrong in it cause it does not work for me, i get the iwd sum name mismatch and it is cause the mod files are not recognized by the cod 2 engine.
Posted by Zaphax on Fri. Feb. 25, 2011
IT's the best!
When I download this mod I was scared what will happen :) but it's the best!
Posted by Somafet on Sun. Dec. 19, 2010
the mod work 100% you need to read the read me file only work on v1.2 v1.3 i have sum of my team make it so it will work on v1.0 v1.1
Posted by willuk on Tue. Jul. 31, 2007
The mod contains all that you need doesn't it?
The dvars go right into the the server.cfg or am i missing something?
Posted by Chalkie on Tue. Jul. 24, 2007
You are missing one very important part about this mod, the config is at the UN website so if you are going to post a mod, post a mod that people can use and not have to go searching everywhere for it.
Posted by Strelnieks on Sun. Jul. 22, 2007
It is the United Noobs mod.
Posted by blade12201 on Sun. Jul. 22, 2007
yah sounds like the un mod =D
Posted by doomslayer on Sun. Jul. 22, 2007
OK, i tried the mod, nice idea, the tanks spawn in wierd placed so i disabled them, but they still appear, i can't see any jeeps, the aa are there and i have no planes, all enabled except the tanks.
Also the tanks allow you to drive safely through landmine bounderies allowing you to exploit under the map, and they don't like uneven terrain!!
Posted by Chalkie on Sun. Jul. 22, 2007
Is this different than the United Noobs Vehicle mod?
Sounds exactly the same.
Posted by Morphisnb on Sun. Jul. 22, 2007

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