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There might be some sound playing issues in multiplayer, the map has to load shotgun.csv. I've put in the two other stock soundalias files so they they can be modded too, if needed.

If you use this mod on your server, or have anything you need help with, feel free to PM me.

This is the original shotgun mod by NovemberDobby.

Email: novemberdobby@hotmail.co.uk
Skype: novemberdobby
Messenger: novemberdobby@hotmail.co.uk
Xfire: novemberdobby

This weapon really doesn't work well with slower machines, but works fine on most newer ones.
It was thought up by me after playing on Kill3r's zombie mod, and might just be a feature there soon ;)


It *is* a feature there now.

Hehe. I signed the gun's skin ;)

by NovemberDobby (email)


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I would have thought just putting it in the UO directory would do it, not sure though as I don't know much about how servers work.

Posted by novemberdobby on Tue. Jul. 3, 2007
Where does it go?
Where do we place this file at on public servers to use it?
Posted by tyler811 on Mon. Jul. 2, 2007
Exactly - but it does have sounds that work, you just have to get the shotgun.csv loaded up. The fire sound plays when the last shot is fired.

Thanks though - it's my first weapon ;)
Posted by novemberdobby on Mon. Jul. 2, 2007
Just there is a problem with the way you make it fire. You cant really have a firing sound because it will just play over itself until the last shot.

Other wise it looks cool. Just the top is a lil plain
Posted by Scratchy on Mon. Jul. 2, 2007
saw the earlier versions of this. it works great
Posted by |DA|DarkDilbert on Mon. Jul. 2, 2007

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