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Back2Uo Mod v.2.1
Downloaded 263 times
Back2UO is a Call of Duty 2 modification which takes core elements of the original
game play from CoD United Offensive and adds it to CoD 2. For example –
the heads up display, functions, atmosphere and many effects.

by [MoDu]Wulf () (website)


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Next Map Message-How can we add custom map's name instead of...
Greetings to all of you guys.
How can we add custom map's name instead of...
...title that comes from back2uo ?

I mean...when next map is a stock map, message says...
Next Map : Toujane

...well over there if it's a custom map ...message shows...
Next Map : mp_custom_map

...so how can we change "mp_custom_map" to "Real_Name" ?
Posted by leonpadi on Sat. May. 19, 2007
This is a great mod! It doesn't have alot of features you will find in Extreme or AWE 3.2 but if you like the UO feel I think he did a good job capturing it. I haven't tried it with custom maps per the recommendation in the readme but that would be a huge bonus especially with all the UO custom maps out for COD2 like Cassino and Tigertown......Arnhem, someone needs to make an Arnhem map for CoD2.
Posted by =CS=Dude4Him on Wed. May. 16, 2007
Don't Suppose
Might be a long shot, but I don't suppose usable vehicles and tanks are included in this mod or base assault??? LOL


It would be nice though, wouldn't it?
Posted by Lee on Tue. May. 15, 2007

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