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Include MP weapons in SP
CoDWW SP Mapping


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Titanic Harbor Map Pack
Downloaded 335 times
Map Name : Titanic Harbor Day / Titanic Harbor Night / Titanic Harbor Winter
Consolenname : mp_Titanic_Harbor_Day / mp_Titanic_Harbor_Night / mp_Titanic_Harbor_Winter

Map Version : Final 1.0
Author : -DW-Guy-Tree/-DW-Schoko99
E-mail : Guy-Tree@web.de / Schoko_99@Web.de
Date of Release : 01.05.2007


Game : COD2 Multiplayer

Supported Gametype : Deathmatch
: Team Deathmatch
: Search & Destroy
: Capture the Flag
: Headquarter

by -DW-Guy-Tree/-DW-Schoko99 (email)


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