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is this place alive?
CoDBO3 Mapping
Call of DutyŽ: WWII
CoD WW2 General
eXtreme+ v2.9
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The Last Castle:The rescue
Downloaded 1052 times
An infiltration map,like the ones in cod1,tought it would be fun.Hope you like it.

by Soulwax (email)


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how eliminate the guns?
Posted by Danmetal on Thu. Aug. 20, 2015

I eliminate all the nazis, but I can't go to the next room, no door, no windows to pass the next romm and out the saloom.

Could you help me?

Posted by SHEILAMC on Wed. Nov. 17, 2010
How to disable the guns?
Exactly as the subject. When I headed towards the cannon room (where there are 4 cannons inside facing outwards) I cannot find any stickybomb indicator or "use "F"" messages. I think I am stuck - may anyone kindly explain? How can I destory those guns?
Posted by RusiaCanal on Sat. Apr. 18, 2009
Map looks really good esxept im stuck. when i get off the monrail or something i clear the bunker and the room with tables in it but i cant find what to do next. some help please? i really wanna play this map.
Posted by phantomgunner on Mon. Jul. 21, 2008
About the lighting and mapping problems: i know that the lightning and the mapping part could of been better. But this was my first map with actual more scripting then just the objectives. I was more focused on the scripting part then the level design. I'm not a good level designer though :p.

thnx for appriciating my work
Posted by soulwax on Sat. May. 3, 2008
Nice indeed!
Hey Soulwax,

A very nice map indeed, though I expected some more "surprises", like MG's. And I don't like walking back, the way I came in (that's probably my problem).

The cannons could have been disabled in a more explosive way too: I like big bangs I guess.

Keep up the good work!
Posted by V4friend on Thu. Feb. 7, 2008
really good
i really enjoyed the music and the action, but the lighting seemed a little weird indoors, especially in the area with the cannons, otherwise very nice
Posted by sleep61 on Thu. Nov. 22, 2007
I love it!
this map easily out does any other map that I've played.

Posted by 94sniper on Fri. Oct. 26, 2007
loving your work
great stuff really enjoyed this level
Posted by evil.jim! on Wed. May. 30, 2007
Proper Gd
Hey mate this map is really gd i like it...make more maps this and im sure i will downlaod it....*Claps*
Posted by banno on Sat. May. 26, 2007
I keep getting problems with single player maps from this site. It doesn't tell me the location of the battle or what my objectives are. Instead it says "STRING_"etc.. I haven't had that problem downloading from other sites. I don't know if I just installed it wrong either though. Yep, apparently it's a problem with the localized strings. There is a file in the map but I can't get it to work.
Posted by Blindside on Sat. May. 12, 2007
Very Nice!!
You sure do get your exercise running around the place looking for things. :-)
Posted by k1ieg on Wed. May. 2, 2007
This map is excellent. I like the secrecy factor that you have to search around for switches ect. plus a nice smokey atmosphere.
Posted by TheModDoctor on Mon. Apr. 30, 2007

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