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Call of DutyŽ: WWII
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Etromania released the Retrieval gametype for CoD2 in early 2006. I have have revised it to work with all stock maps and 112 custom maps (so far). The gametype works with all versions of AWE. It will be released in May 2007 as a part of the next AWE release.

Different in this version:
- Allies (instead of Axis) must retrieve the Axis Enigma Cipher Machine and return it to the extraction point (an open shipping crate at the grey square on the compass).
- The problem with the orignal version was if the Axis did not retrieve the Artillery map they still got a score. That is fixed in this version.
-New Objective models used.

To use these updated gametype files extract the zip and replace your server and client side files. Don't forget to update your redirect client files, too.

I just played this gametype on Burgundy with 40 players and worked great. If you run & gun you may not like this gametype. Feedback would be appreciated before the next version of AWE is released sometime mid to late May.

by MoGElijah () (website)


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