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New BF2 Mod
BF2 General
Mohaa maps on Cod2?
CoD2 MP Mapping


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It is late autumn of 1942. You are a highly-praised soviet sniper. Crawling through
the city's underground, creeping through ruins, jumping from one building to another,
and engaging in close quarters combat as well as long-range shooting, you must make
your way across part of Stalingrad. Around every corner is either friend or foe.

Your objectives are to gather intelligence, eliminate high-ranking officers and enemy
snipers, and provide covering fire for your comrades as they pursue their own objectives
to recapture lost ground.

*readme is in the .iwd file

by Babycop (website)


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Map Description
The ,ap description can almost be found on the Back of The Enemy At The Gates Dvd xD. Great Map Loving It. Bit hard to follow objectives.
Posted by Chocas on Thu. Jul. 23, 2009
This map crashes when you kill the first officer, take the documents and hear soldiers climbing upstairs. I've done a little search and found out some other people had the exactly same problem at the same spot. One comment on Youtube (there's a video of the map there) also mentioned using an intel mac like myself.

if there's a way to get around this please let me know.
Posted by artu9 on Fri. Sep. 5, 2008
just one thing...
awsome map! Just on thing; i had a hard time finding objectives. for example i spent 15 + minutes in the spuare trying to defeat a never ending army before relizing i had to move up. maybe it's just me though.
were did you get the voices for some of the russians? i've never heard them in the game.

great job!
Posted by mr.newbie on Sat. Jul. 19, 2008
Hey babycop
hey guys (both of u) congrats on the fantastic modding, i just got Leningrad and now about to play Stalingrad. thank you for your efforts in making gaming for this community so much more fun. if you have msn/xfire please reply to this comment, letting me know. i would like to talk/play with you. thank you
Posted by D3vianc3 on Sat. Jun. 2, 2007
Saved games
I think i know what the problem is!wel i think

When u want autosave you use:maps\_utility::levelStartSave();

U might try to use this:

example:"thread autoSaveByName ("obj1_completed");"
I used it in my map and now i can load where the autosave was.

i think(not sure) that it will solve you're problem
Posted by soulwax on Wed. May. 2, 2007
Very nice,i had thesmae feeling like in cod1,the music was nice :)

ow yes BTW;maybe this interests you,when i sat in the truck i saw that the actors where just standing there,its oke,i don't think thats terrible,but i found an animation that you could use on the actors in the truck,it's located in iw_07,animscripts,scripted and there it is
i don't know if it works but it should be ofc :p
Posted by soulwax on Sun. Apr. 29, 2007
Another one map about The Stalingrad Battle...
Thanx... The author has created this map almost not mentioning by any false movies like "Enemy At The Gates"... Usually CoD developers create maps about WWII in Russia on the basis of similar "masterpieces of lie"... OK, respect to author, and... what about to add in next version some moving tanks? Stalingrad v2.0? My best regards, Babycop!
Posted by AlexDOK on Tue. Apr. 24, 2007
Thats what I thought was supposed to happen. I must be doing something wrong - been known to do that before! :-) Oh, well........at least I will for sure know where everything is. Thanks for your comments.
Fred Z.
Posted by k1ieg on Sun. Apr. 8, 2007
if u do back to game, it's supposed to go back to where the last saved game was if u didnt play another sp map afterwards)....i don't know what the problem is otherwise...sorry
Posted by babycop on Sun. Apr. 8, 2007
Return to game..
First off, nicely done! I will say that all the buildings are grey, as far as I can tell, but if you listen and look with a lot of patience you will find your targets. My question may have to do with the game itself but if I quit and then come back at another time, if I select 'back to game' it puts me at the start - not where I left off at. It's a bit of a pain to have to do everything over again because I can't remember everything that I did! Is this just the game or am I doing something wrong when I quit out? You guys do nice work and for sure I will look for whatever you do next. Thanks for your efforts.
Fred Z
Posted by k1ieg on Sat. Apr. 7, 2007
Yes i did have trouble too finding the officer in grey building. If you listen closely to what the guy says, hes in the grey building on the right. You'll find the third officer in the top right corner window, a little hard to see with the trees but hes near the top right window.
Posted by Cornholio(MTL) on Fri. Apr. 6, 2007
third officer
I can't find the third officer in the grey building
Posted by QLRELITE on Fri. Apr. 6, 2007
Nicelly done. Got a good mix of things going on there.

The germans banging on the door before they burst through was good!

I found all the officers after watching those windows for ages till they finally walked past!

Great use of allied instructions. Officer in the Red building, officer in the Grey building etc.

Then those bombers at the end...Just nasty!!!

Excellent effort! Was fun to play and it wasn't a walk in the park either!
Posted by Eladd on Fri. Apr. 6, 2007
thank you, and hes on the 2nd floor..walks past all windows in a loop
Posted by babycop on Thu. Apr. 5, 2007
Good Map :D
Well i like the map, not only for the gameplay as your 1st sp map. :D
But i can't find the Officer in the red building?
Posted by XiteR! on Thu. Apr. 5, 2007

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