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Call Of Duty 2 * Tool Clip Texture * (beta)


- Blocks bullets, grenades and vehicles
- Does NOT block players
- Leaves no marks
- Transparent in game


You can use this clip texture to wall off an area of your map. From the outside in, bullets, grenades and vehicles will be blocked, but it will NOT block players. You can also completely "fill" the inside of a playable area, like a room, with this texture. While a player is completely surrounded with this clip texture, thrown grenades will be suspended from their point of origin, and explode in place. There will be no grenade damage.

** Bullet damage while players are completely inside of this texture is untested **


Copy the file "zzzz_bash_clip.iwd" to the "main" directory of your COD2 installation.
You can find the clip texture under "Textures > Usage > tools".

by P.C.Invasion


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Bash clip
this is really good but do u need to script this? if you do can u put the script in please.
Posted by shauny3131 on Mon. Apr. 2, 2012
Good work i can see this being used alot.
great work and thank's for letting us have it too
Posted by [TnT].Mzone. on Sat. Mar. 3, 2007

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