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Hey all lol i decided to make a map in 20 mins and that is what i did this map is fun only no detail or anything so please do not get disappointed if you where expecting some alsome graphics cuse there is non it is a fun map there is two bunkers and each team spawns in there is there teleports there is doors that open bye them self there is evan rocket lanuchers and ppsh so have fun
lol there is no loading screen did not wanna make 1 :) Best to play in and made for CTF, TDM nothing else

here is some screen shots

by Custard (website)


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i think these maps are a lot bttr than the detailed ones. Its not like people actually notice the lil pieces of paper on the ground or the footprints. people PLAY the game. I'm more caught up in the actual game than how it looks. as long as its good for the way opeople use it (sniper maps for sniper servers and ext.) great job!
Posted by sso on Mon. Feb. 19, 2007

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