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eXtreme+ v2.9
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New XPreince Mod
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This will add some new features to your game.I named it New Experience because an idea came into my mind and wanted to see the game in an other point of view. Except the New XPreince Mod, it will add some other features that i was using during my MP play and it had a nice style to game play. The file is made in .exe form so you can install it direct to the folder that i had specified, but also you can browse it where you want to install it (i.e: c:\program files\call of Duty\uo).The files if you browse them you must set them to UO folder since this installer was made for me and my friends during playing in LAN.
Specially the changes are :

--- Coming soon with the final version

* Battle chatter for MP (players says their statements as killing each
* Adding new extra sounds

beta v1.2

* New radio sounds for Allies (when playing HQ),
(soon i will add deferent radio sounds for all allied teams)
* Now the new weapons sound work in all MP Maps

beta v1.1

* New radio sounds for the German (when playing HQ),
* Correct the sound for Grease Gun (sometimes the sound didn't
played correct),
* New victory sounds for the Americans, British and Russians
(still trying to find one for the German side)

beta v1.0

* New Uniform for the German's, from Fallschirmjager Regiment,
* New Compass textures, more realistic compass,
* New loading screens in some mp maps.

- New XPrience Mod:

* New Weapons for all sides,
* New Weapons sound,
* New Commands for players,
* New Statements for players,
* New Responses for players,
* New Fatigue sounds,
* New Grenade bouncing sounds

**** Have FUN with them . . .

Created by Zerocool

by Zerocool


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I have forgot to say A HUGE BIG AWESOME THNX for my two pals that help me out, the 1st one to build the textures of new weapons, the 2nd one for editing and creating the new sounds that i'll add to final ver. THNX A LOT BOYZ
Posted by Aloucard on Wed. Feb. 14, 2007

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