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Mohaa maps on Cod2?
CoD2 MP Mapping


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Creating moving vehicles that can hurt players.
Downloaded 545 times
Creating Moving Trucks/vehicles that can hurt players.

This is a tutorial map for the above.
The IWD file is included and so is the .MAP file.
Enjoy and I hope it all works and brings a bit extra to your map.

by Spikenaylor (email)


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Good Job1
This is extremely extremely BEAUTIFUL, Thank you for sharing, well done !!
Posted by lynx3 on Wed. Jun. 4, 2014
hey,would you know why i cant drive the truck?

Posted by aiir on Sat. Jul. 3, 2010
Is needed with this the elevator?
Posted by on Wed. Dec. 2, 2009

Maybe you can make the tutorial with some screens, so it's more simply to understand it.


Posted by haggis on Wed. Jan. 31, 2007
For Peeps who downloaded the previous version
if you downloaded the previous version 3622-MP_Truck_Moving.zip file, that had and error in it.
This version is hopefully fixed.
Posted by Spikenaylor on Tue. Jan. 30, 2007

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