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Battle of the Somme 1.1
Downloaded 1285 times
At November 11 2006 I released the Battle of The Somme. However, I later found out that I included the WRONG FILES.

So many of you might have been pretty disappointed, as you have just been playing my test-map, which is pretty old. So I decided to release the version 1.1 of the Battle of the Somme. Which should actually have been 1.0 but unfortunatly I released the wrong files.

For those who didn't download the former version: Be happy, and prepare for going over the top.

For those who did play the former version and got disappointed: Look forward for a great experience, of how it was on the first day on the Battle of the Somme.

by dktekno () (website)


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the somme map used in a music video on youtube
well i use the your map to create a test map for a post nuclear war mod that i'm working on.thanks to you i've finally decided to learn how to create a single map.because their is no ennemy behind the artillery barrage.i will be adding 4 tanks to complete this sp map. here is the link on youtube to see the 1st video maps test of the 1955 post nuclear mod.

Posted by warlordharry on Sat. Dec. 10, 2011
dont like it
at first after the artillery i wanna climb the laddder but i die instantly. remove that hurt trigger, it takes forever for u to get off the trench. its ww1! what kind of ww1 had stens in there! and comeon, the british are just walking with there guns down while the unseen enemy kills them. I dount get past the level cuz u randomly die when u walk across the field. also no saves. i dont like this sp map, sorry my opinion.
Posted by phantomgunner on Sun. Sep. 7, 2008
whats this all about
please remove this nightmare, in mapping,at list it got that far with it ,I can say that,iam a newbe and i havent got that far but this should of stayed where it came from and got a whole lot o attention,its kinda retarded in a way, you need to go back to school ,like me,and get right ,its embarrassing.come on!
Posted by dwolf55 on Sun. Sep. 30, 2007
Maybe you should make another version that has the kill trigger completely taken out. I know the Somme was a very costly battle, but it REALLY sucks to not be able to experience combat before you die.
Posted by a_miranda on Thu. Aug. 23, 2007
Hmm you sure this is the right stuff? I mean i couldn't move anywhere whitout noclip, when I tried to climb the ladders i just died... Neither I can see any enemies... so are you sure?
Posted by XICXAC on Sun. Jun. 17, 2007
this definetely needs work...your actors dont move at all....they just stand there and then you need to get out of the trench...one question...why did you put a hurt trigger there? second most ppl cant make it out of the trench because there is no room to get to the ladder since the actors dont move and you get stuck and die....once out of about 30 tries i got out of the trench and was disappointed because there is nothing out there! there is no enemy =[...i like the idea i like the map but it just needs a little work...try pulling in or angling that ladder texture...maybe even taking out that hurt trigger
Posted by killerboots on Fri. Dec. 29, 2006
What do you have in mind :S Crap
Man make a damn nice attack or something :S This is just bit gay sorry to say but I was expecting much more then dieing every damn time without seeing a german :S Come on and make an 1.2v for it and then an attack for heaven sake
Posted by DutchJok3r on Fri. Dec. 15, 2006
same as below
Just downloaded and tried it out but getting the same as the last guy, cant see any enemy and i think all the british soldiers are having a tea break?
Posted by evil.jim! on Thu. Dec. 14, 2006
battle of the somme map
you sure thats the right files and stuff, because theres no enemy and your guys just walk up the hill and then you just randomly die.

If this is the right file and stuff then sorry mate but i dont realy like it.
Posted by Chav on Sun. Dec. 10, 2006
What's your opinion?
What do you think of it?
Posted by dktekno on Mon. Dec. 4, 2006

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