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Working Windmill
Downloaded 1354 times
I made this working windmill from the tutorials I found on this site. To save u ppl the trouble I made one to share.

by Trevor Madge (Webber17) (email)


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wow I'm suprised I dont see this on every map out there, lol.
Posted by webber17 on Sat. Jan. 13, 2007
plzz do not rotate the windmill, otherwise you will have problems with the blade rotation. If you feel that you know how to fix the problem by all means go ahead.
Posted by webber17 on Thu. Nov. 23, 2006
post comments plzzz..
I can see that this has gotten alot of downloads for a prefab, so if you have any comments you want to make, plzz post.
Posted by webber17 on Wed. Nov. 8, 2006
If the cod editor is the same as the UO editor I could, because I dont have UO.

ps. if you use this on your map, keep it facing the direction it is, otherwise only rotate it 90 degreas and if you do, you have to switch all the z's to x's and viceversa in the "rotate_func" file.
Posted by webber17 on Thu. Oct. 19, 2006
Absolutely great Work..I am really deep Impressed!!
Posted by esc-sickboy on Thu. Oct. 19, 2006
You think you could make 1 for UO
Posted by Scoob_ on Thu. Oct. 19, 2006
Let me know what you think, and how should I inprove in the future.
Posted by webber17 on Tue. Oct. 17, 2006
post a topic in the forums and I'll help you
Posted by webber17 on Sun. Oct. 15, 2006
um i got a script compile error how can i fix that???
Posted by xzenus on Sun. Oct. 15, 2006
ya I didnt take in account that if you rotate the windmill, you have to change the axis of the blades.
Posted by webber17 on Sun. Oct. 15, 2006
Nice , except you need to change the blade rotation z to x. : )
Posted by Sparks on Sun. Oct. 15, 2006

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