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Mohaa maps on Cod2?
CoD2 MP Mapping


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Suspension Bridge Prefab
Downloaded 175 times
Iv completed a suspension bridge. First major prefab iv completed apart from houses.


Length 6976 units pillar to pillar.
Width 1024
Height 1472 Car deck to top.

by Branded01 (email)


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This bridge BITES!!!

lmao just kiddin, hey Branded!!
This bridge rocks.
Posted by subgunner on Thu. Feb. 14, 2008
how do i install it?
Posted by Major_Lowrey on Mon. Mar. 5, 2007
There is an upgrade for this bridge. The supports and main cables are all made from cylinders which causes the player to be seen in certain positions but he cannot be killed. The way I got round this is to put a walk way and handrail up each of the 4 main support cables. I'v also made it a sided bridge with barbed wire at the center (easily removed) which kills on contact. If you would like the update (textured or caulked) send me an email and I'll send it to you. If I get the chance i'll upload the new update.

If you wish to use the original bridge in your map you could quite simply block off the bottom of the 4 main supports.

Oh, I'v tried to find this prefab in the call of duty / prefabs section and it's not there. I guess I didnt give the area I'd like others to find it when I uploaded it.
Posted by branded01 on Sun. Dec. 17, 2006
very nice must of took a while
Posted by BloodySoldier on Fri. Oct. 6, 2006
Very nice alot of detail
Posted by batistablr on Wed. Oct. 4, 2006
Excellent work!!! BRAVO!
Posted by Capt.Com on Wed. Oct. 4, 2006

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