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CoDBO MP Mapping
CoD4 Map + Mod Releases


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Model Shots v1.1
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Since there are quite a few models to choose from in CoD2, i tought it would be nice to be able to see the models before you put them in the map... a quick way to brose through the models without haveing to spawn then once at a time..

when you reach a point into a map, you will want to add your models, it can end up being very time consuming because of the huge ammount of available model you can choose from (over 1500).... it is hard to know wich awning, lamp or desk will be the best for your map just by seeing the name...

In order to know wich models you are about to use, its also important to know wich models are available to you. The only way to achieve his is by going through them all, one by one..... wich is what i have done.

Knowing that i would probably forget about half of them by the time i'd finish going through them, i decided to take a screenshots of each of the available models and naming the screenshot by the name of the actual model. doing this now allows me to go through all of the models when i require one, at great speed AND without take up all my memory (when models are loaded, memory usage increases, even if i deleted them after i took the screenshot..).

I tought that i could put up this file and make it available to any who wishes to use it.

please note that all Characters, heads, helmets, viewmodels and playerbody models are not on this list, since i dont expect on using any of these. But i may make them later if some think it can be helpfull.

somehow, all model with the name ending by "_obj" are not showing in my editor, so i did not add them to the list.

Some models do not show apropriate textures... either white, or numbered textures. they are not on this list.

in total, there are 1231 screenshots of models

average screeshot size is 505x430


you can call me CypheR

by CypheR


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Thank you. Excellent stuff.
Posted by 3st0nian on Mon. Nov. 12, 2012
Nice work. This will be a real time saver for me! Great stuff!
Posted by sgtbilkothe3rd on Thu. May. 10, 2007
WoW you certainly gained Brownie points for this, thanks for your kindness
Posted by wasp-sting on Thu. Apr. 12, 2007
Thank you very very much!
Posted by rkm11 on Mon. Aug. 21, 2006
Most have been a awesome lot of work.
Thanks. :)
Posted by Frisian on Sun. Apr. 30, 2006

Great job on this one CypheR, was looking forward to a tool like this.

Posted by on Sun. Apr. 30, 2006
Great stuff

This really makes things easier...

Posted by Sm_Art_Y on Sat. Apr. 29, 2006

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