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grid fix for mp_
Downloaded 288 times
The attatched file is a fix for the compile tools loading singleplayer for doing a grid.

This fix consisted of 2 changes made to the cod2\bin\cod2compiletools_grid.bat
I edited the .bat file for these changes:

- Changed cod2sp.exe to codmp.exe
- add +set sv_pure 0 So maps will load without being in pk3s.

Simply download the attatched file, replace the existing file. BACKUP YOUR ORIGINAL FILE!!! DONT BE A DUMBASS!!

by [tFp] CFH666


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Letting them know where the file is would be a good addition to your tut.

default= C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 2\bin

Also, you ought to see about adding this info to your main tut on .grid creation.

ps- It say's "calculating lightgrid %"

pss- GG's
Posted by cyberdoc on Sun. Jul. 9, 2006

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