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Single Player Squad Assault
Downloaded 1020 times

Single Player Squad Assault Call of Duty 2.

This map is for reference for sp map designers so for beginners.
The source files are included so you can take a look at the .map file
how things are done.

You will spawn in the level and your squad will move forward and assault.
Two of your squad will take the wall and then go into action while the other part
of your squad will give covering fire from behind the wall.
The wall has "mantle_over" texture.

I hope this helps for people going to design more single player levels.

Worldspawnsettings "hill400_assault":

"classname" "worldspawn"
"diffusefraction" ".5"
"script_delay" "2"
"suncolor" "0.545098 0.596078 0.631373"
"sundiffusecolor" "0.247059 0.282353 0.349020"
"sundirection" "-45 200 0"
"sunlight" "1"

Ambient "amb_hill400_charge"

Thanks to all who have adviced and thanks go to MODSonline.


Drop the "yourmap.iwd" in your Call of Duty 2 main folder.
Run your Single Player and drop the console and type "map yourmap".


by CoD_Art () (website)


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